Friday, September 28, 2012

more Halloween

Okay, so I have a problem...I love to make stackers! I think I have some for almost every holiday! I know I need to make some for Christmas still.

Here are the ones I made for Halloween.

I used piece of 2x2 I had laying around and got my vinyl from my awesome sister! She's a great supplier for my craft addiction ;)

car seat cover

I had the opportunity to make a car seat cover for a friend. I love sewing - when things work out and I don't have to unpick anything.

This is for a girl, but the car seat were kind of boyish colors. The pink ribbon I got at Walmart and the fabric - in the clearance bins - SCORE! I got the ric rac here. This is where I usually get most of my ribbon.

This is the finished product

I used orange for the underside

This is a close up picture of all 4 colors/patterns that I used. I love the craziness of the butterflies.


This is the first year I have a child in school. I thought I would help get the excitement rolling at our house so I thought I would get a few decorations. I started off with some school stackers. Got the vinyl here. I plan on using them in the many years to come.