Monday, June 2, 2014

I was looking around on Pinterest today and I came across 2 little sayings. When I read them, I had 2 people in mind. I wanted to make them a sign. So I went out to the garage to see what kind of wood I had lying around. I found a piece of a 1x6 and a 1x10.

I sanded the edges and front down to get ready to paint them.

I wanted a worn look for both of them. The white I just did a thin layer. The blue, I mixed with some water to thin it out.

I cut out some vinyl using my Silhouette and put them on the boards to use as stencils then added my paint. I added water to the brown paint because I liked the dark color, but wanted it thin-ish.

Here is the finished project!

All together, it really only took me about an hour for the 2 signs. I did have to start over on one of them because I had a little help from someone who thought they were 'helping' when I wasn't looking.

Happy Crafting!