Thursday, March 27, 2014

A few months back - while I was doing a craft - I thought to myself, that I should hava a craft group. I wanted to share my crafts/creativity/talents with others. Maybe it was to also have some grown-up time :)
I thought that I would share what we did.

January group:

I got the All You Need LOVE idea here and the Scrabble LOVE here. I used my Silhouette to cut the letters ( I don't remember the name of the font ).

February group:
at this point my sister joined up with me in hosting her own group (in Layton). We do the same craft, share ideas & preparation work.

This is a treat box.I needed an idea to give my visiting teachers. I found the idea here.

I am adapting to the chevron look and came up with this idea. I used a piece of 1x6, paint, vinyl and a shamrock from The Wood Connection. Finish it off with twine and rhinestones. I think next time I'll try to find a thinner shamrock.

March group:

My sister created this craft with a plaque from Hobby Lobby, paint and vinyl. ( You can sand the edges a little and add stain if you'd like. ) We wanted something that could count as everyday decor &/or Easter ish.

This is a 1x6 piece of wood and the idea comes from Silhoutte. You can purchase this set, however, I switched the bird because I liked the look of his curly feathers. Tie it off with some twine and you have a great spring decoration.

I really like creating things with wood and paint. Every once in a while, I try to add in paper crafting or sewing. I love the ideas on Pinterest and feel like I can't keep up with all the cuteness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rainy Day project

It's a rainy day here (I love the rain!) and I thought that I would work on a craft - it happens to me daily (the need to craft)

I picked up this cute puddle jumpin' boots and umbrella kit at The Wood Connection. You can order online or go into the store and pick one up. Just be prepared that you will be emptying out your wallet - they have too many cute things :)

Here are the colors that I went with:
craft smart ~ white, hot pink, and apple tart
apple barrel ~ bright yellow
and then of course, Mod Podge

here are my pattern paper choices
(you can get that at The Wood Connection, too)

and here is my finished project. My FAVORITE part about this is the green & yellow boots!

I just love crafting it up!

Are you kidding me!?!
I'm not sure what happened to some of my posts/pictures. I'll try and figure it out. If not, those posts will be deleted :(