Monday, June 25, 2012


Like all kids, mine go through phases, too. One of the latest ones is playing pirates. They want me to draw them a map and then they take the map, roll it up, and look through it like a telescope.

A short time ago, we were in Jackson Hole, WY and we saw a show on TV called Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The girls were hooked (no pun intended). They started saying, "army Heide's" (argh matey's) in their best pirate voice. It was great!

I saw this cute idea for some pirate skirts. Now, I have to say, this is not my best project. I started out with my bandannas, cut them in half (for another idea I saw) and ended up sewing them back together. Then, I sewed on some elastic - boy, that was hard! So, I called it a day when I finished these.

Next on my list of pirate dress ups are hats and patches. My ideas that I'm going to use are here. I am also going to store these in a wooden treasure chest I saw at Michaels. I will update this post when those are done.

Friday, June 22, 2012

chunky flag

I enjoy making crafts. Whether it's sewing, making cards, or painting wood. I found this cute flag made out of wood. This was so easy, that I made 3 - easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I just used 2x4 scraps that we had laying around in the garage for the stripes and a 4x4 for the blue. I cut the bottom of the 4x4 so that it was the same height as the rest of the flag.

white stripes - light ivory
red - tompte red
blue - prussian blue
stain - dark walnut

I love scraps of wood lying around just waiting for a craft!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

glitter bottles

One of the things we made to start off our summer and check off our list is our glitter bottles. I found the idea for the bottles here. I didn't use a Smart water bottle. I also didn't use mine for a time out or relax bottle. We did it as a craft.
I liked having the different color of lids. However, what I don't like is not having a semi-flat bottom on the bottle. Mine are likely to get dented.

(the glitter dyed the water a little)

shakin' and stirred

Henry couldn't hold his glitter bottle and say cheese (with his hands) at the same time.

A couple of things I would do next time

  • use more exact measurements for each bottle (the original post didn't have exact measurements - it all depends on how you want your glitter to settle)
  • fill it up to the top so you don't see the bubbles

Summer Bucket list

This summer, I thought I would find several things for my kids to do and make a list.
(it's not in any specific order and it's okay if we do something more than once)

it may be over the top for a list, but sometimes, that just happens when I'm creating :D
(when I put the list on I realized that some of my list got covered up. The banner is easy to move, so it won't be in the way)
I'll try and post the things we do, but sometimes life just gets in the way ;)

here is my list:

make a glitter bottle { }
go to the zoo { }
go to a splash pad { }
have a backyard campout { }
visit Grandpa & Grandma in St. George { }
have a luau { }
go to City Creek { }
water balloon fun { }
go for a hike { }
visit the Church History Museum { }
make popsicles { }
go to the library/story time { }
leave a secret gift for a neighbor { }
go to the Gateway { }
plant a flower { }
go for a nature walk { }
have lunch with Nana downtown { }
build an indoor fort { }
go on a picnic { }
visit Wheeler Farm { }
play hopscotch { }
go to the Kennecott Copper Pit { }
make a cereal necklace { }
do a science experiment { }
have a backyard swim party { }
go to Temple Square { }
camping { }
watch fireworks { }
play at the park { }
fly a kite { }
get snow cones { }
bake a treat { }
make salt dough { }
write & mail a letter { }
eat watermelon { }
make s’mores { }
Ogden Train Station { }
play with cousins { }
make handprint art { }
go to the dollar movie { }
drive in movie/box cars { }
go to a parade { }
pick peas (with Papa) { }
feed ducks { }
have a bbq with friends { }
make a craft { }
make bubbles { }
ding dong ditch { }
have a pajama day { }
bug, leaf, or flower collection { }
ride TRAX { }
mail a hug { }
make ribbon wands { }

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to make these dresses! Just WAY. EXCITED! I used my moms serger (and one day, I'm going to invest for myself) and completed these in a few hours.

One is for my sister who is expecting a little girl (3rd baby, 2nd girl) in June and the other is for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby (it's a girl!) in July.