Wednesday, June 6, 2012

glitter bottles

One of the things we made to start off our summer and check off our list is our glitter bottles. I found the idea for the bottles here. I didn't use a Smart water bottle. I also didn't use mine for a time out or relax bottle. We did it as a craft.
I liked having the different color of lids. However, what I don't like is not having a semi-flat bottom on the bottle. Mine are likely to get dented.

(the glitter dyed the water a little)

shakin' and stirred

Henry couldn't hold his glitter bottle and say cheese (with his hands) at the same time.

A couple of things I would do next time

  • use more exact measurements for each bottle (the original post didn't have exact measurements - it all depends on how you want your glitter to settle)
  • fill it up to the top so you don't see the bubbles

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